Events 23/04/2019
On April 11, i3N received a visit from the FCT-MCTES Evaluation Panel of Engineering Sciences and Technologies - Materials Science and Engineering and Nanotechnology as part of the ongoing evaluation of the research units.
Events 12/04/2019
MATERIAIS 2019 - XIX Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais and X International Symposium on Materials
Events 12/04/2019
The fascination of discoveries – tales from two countries - Lisbon 2nd-3rd of May
News 05/04/2019
Prof. Elvira Fortunato has been asked by the office of the Prime Minister to speak about the importance of the High Level Group of EU where she is Chief Science Advisor as well as about the excellent work done by i3N in particular with the 6 ERCs already granted.
Events 29/03/2019
Symposia themes will include Electronic and Optical Materials, Energy and Environmental Materials, Biomaterials, and Advanced Functional and Structured Materials, spanning scales from nano to macro and hard materials to polymers.
News 28/03/2019
Professor Elvira Fortunato, vice-rector of NOVA, lecturer and researcher, at FCT NOVA, leads the Portuguese team.
News 06/03/2019
Professora Doutora Elvira Fortunato
The Portuguese scientist is a world pioneer in paper electronics. Always negotiate the price of materials that buy for the laboratory and recover the guarantees.