Research Groups

To reach the defined objectives, R&D i3N activities will be developed in a matrix-like structure that will cross horizontal Research Groups with vertical Thematic Lines defined in conjunction between the External Consulting Board and the Institute as strategic at both national and European levels. Each R&D project will be connected to a Thematic Line and resources from one or more Research Group will be pooled together so as to maximise the performance of the research and the impact of the project. i3N is organized in three Thematic Lines, each under the coordination of a highly expert researcher and sixe Research Groups (RG) coming from the 2
Research Units (RU), each one with a leader (PI), with the following structure:

  • Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies;
  • Nanophtonics and Optoelectronics;
  • Physics of Advanced Materials and Devices
  • Soft and Biofunctional Materials Group;
  • Structural Materials;
  • Theoretical and Computational Physics Group;


linhas temáticas