Historical landmark in CENIMAT: active matrix with ultra high pixel density (1270 PPI) for application in augmented reality.

matriz activa

Team led by Pedro Barquinha designed (Angelo Santos) and made (Ana Santa) an innovative active matrix, based on thin film transistors (TFTs) of semiconductor oxides. Assuring a pixel density of 1270 PPI, it stands well above the state of the art active matrixes present in the latest smartphones (500-600 PPI), something critical to ensure high resolution content for augmented reality (AR).

The manufacturing process does not exceed 180 ° C, being totally compatible with flexible substrates, something unique for circuits with this level of integration.

The low processing temperatures and the small size of each pixel (<20 μm) pose enormous design and manufacturing challenges, which have been exceeded in the scope of the ORABAC project in partnership with Lusospace.
It is therefore an important step for a new generation of transparent and flexible AR dials.ração de mostradores de AR transparentes e flexíveis.