Professor Rodrigo Martins Named Chair of the Advisory Board of BMC Materials

Professor Rodrigo Martins, was appointed in November to serve as the Chairman of the Editorial Board for a new BMC magazine, BMC Materials, which should be open for submissions in January 2019.

He will act as president and will be the figurehead and ambassador of the magazine, whose participation will go to and assist in the strategic development of the magazine.

The role of the Advisory Board Chair is particularly important in the early stages of the journal, where it will be helpful, guiding the magazine's strategic development, defining the sections and their scopes, and recruiting the right people to manage the sections.

Professor Rodrigo will thus be active part in promoting the journal within the broader community of materials science, advocating the advantages of open access publishing and encouraging high profile authors to contribute to the journal in the early years in particular, will be extremely valuable. Professor Pedro Barquinha is also part of the editorial staff.

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